I need your help…

>> Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I need you guys’ opinion on something. I’ve narrowed down my new designs….but I can’t pick between the three. {ok…actually I have an idea of which one I want but I need other opinions…} Please leave your thoughts and whatnot in the comment section. I’ll reveal the winner next week-complete with totally new blog design. Thanks guys! You’re awesome!




Just a quick hello!

Hello world!


I feel like I’ve been totally MIA the past few weeks. Which, for all intense purposes, I have. My hubby is home for a few week before he goes back to California, so I’ve been spending as much time as possible with him. But, I do have a few things that I wanted to update the world on.

First of all, Skye with Work of Heart Photography is having an unbelievable giveaway that I wanted to share with all of you. If you’ve never looked at her work, then you are seriously missing out. Her photos are phenomenal! And she’s written a fabulous workbook sharing all of her tricks and secrets. The workbook usually runs close to $400, but right now she’s got them on sale for $199. And she’s giving one away right here. So go check it out!

Secondly, I have received many, many, many inquiries about shoots the past few days. I feel like I am finally starting to get my name out there and I could not be more thrilled! I’ve had 2 Wedding Inquiries, and a few Maternity/Newborn requests and already the contacts and shoot opportunities are pouring in for the Fall. I’m hoping that I end up with tons to do, to keep myself occupied over the next 6 months. I’m waiting on final confirmation about a Wedding scheduled for March 2011, which will require traveling.  :) All in due time.

The hubby is buying my New Computer for my birthday in a few weeks, followed by all new software and reading material, and hopefully, here pretty soon [thinking maybe in September] a brand new Camera. I love my Rebel, but I feel like I am outgrowing it quickly and I’m ready to upgrade. Especially before March.

I’m also working on branding myself. I’m working with a graphic designer friend whose giving me some pointers on Logos and whatnot. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll have that up and running for everyone. Keep checking back. I promise that this next design will be here to stay. I just haven’t found anything that I’m totally in love with yet.

Hope you all have a great 4th of July!


Before & After

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010




I admit-over the last few weeks, I haven’t been as apt to taking good, random, still life shots. We’ve been getting ready for the husband to come home and whatnot and I just have been spending as much time with my camera as I would like. That being said, I did manage to snap a few photos on Hubby’s first day back home. [I’ll only show you one and if you want to see the rest, you can find them here.]

 JoshBirthday 003 JoshBirthday 003

Shot with a Canon Rebel Xsi using a 50 mm f/1.8 lens. Edited in Lightroom.


Mandy & Ritchie

>> Friday, June 11, 2010

I had my second Couples Session on Tuesday, and the understatement would be to say that it was HOT [temperature wise]. But Mandy and Ritchie were great sports; and despite the nearly 100* temperature, we were able to get some fantastic shots. Mandy and I have known each other for years, so it was a lot of fun to work together. You guys were great! Here is your preview:

Roberson 044
Roberson 072-2
Roberson 055-2
Roberson 185
Roberson 253
Roberson 146
Roberson 311
Roberson 332
Roberson 270


Sweet Kisses

>> Thursday, June 10, 2010


It is that day again. Time for the Before and After Blog hop with Monica! I had two photo sessions this week, and I decided to share one of my favorite shots of the couple. The initial picture was ok, but there was absolutely nothing about it that stood out. The color was off and the composition was lousy. So, this is what I did in Lightroom.

Kaufmann 146
Kaufmann 146

I shot this using my Canon Xsi and a 50 mm/1.8 lens.


Kristen & Will

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

I had a fantastic shoot with these two on Wednesday. They have been married for 5 years, and it was so obvious by the way they acted around one another that they are still totally and completely, 100% in love with each other. We went out to the Botanical Gardens, and they laughed and joked and cut up while I managed to snap some photos. They were super easy to work with and a lot of fun to photograph. Hope you guys love you photos! Here is a mini preview of your session:



Kaufmann 193

Kaufmann 306

Kaufmann 144-2

Kaufmann 222

Kaufmann 294 Kaufmann 329

Kaufmann 410

Kaufmann 426-2

Kaufmann 207

To see more photos from Kristen and Will’s shoot you can check out my Facebook Fan Page and be sure to click the “Like” or “Become a Fan” button [whichever one it is these days]. I always love seeing new people. Also, all of my Nature, Still Life Photos are now available to purchase. I’ll be adding more information soon, but if you’ve seen anything here that you like and wouldn’t mind owning, please shoot me an email!



>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

It’s Thursday! Which means that it’s time to show off your favorite edited photos over at Monica’s! There is always so much inspiration from the fantastic photos, and you don’t have to be a seasoned pro or have fancy editing software to play along! My shot this week was taken using my Canon Rebel Xsi and my Nifty Fifty Lens. 





Kaufmann 100 Kaufmann 100 I even got a little bit brave with this edit and added some grain to it for the effect. Not sure I’m a big fan, but I’m proud of the edit. Thinking of framing it when we get moved. Here are a few other shots that I took while I was at this location. I’m not going to include the ‘before’ shots with these since they aren’t part of the blog hop.



Kaufmann 041

Kaufmann 055 Kaufmann 063Kaufmann 070 


Kaufmann 083
Kaufmann 087
Kaufmann 094
Kaufmann 093


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