Project 365: Days 16-30

>> Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have been so behind on editing the past 2 weeks or so. One thing happened after another and my editing fell to the wayside. I’ve still be shooting everyday, just not always getting the edits done at night like I had been. Now that I have picked back up with my blogging and I have got some new commits heading my way, I’m having to take a step back, reprioritize and do what I can when I can. But no worries, like I said, I’m still shooting EVERY day. Here are my favorite 365 Photos from the past 2 weeks or so:

Day 16

Day16 035


Day 17



Day 18


Day 19

Day19 010

Day 20


Day 21

Day20 080

Day 22

Day19 097

Day 23

Day19 166

Day 24

Day19 193

Day 25

Day 25

Day 26

Day24-28 125

Day 27


Day 28

Day24-28 144 - Copy

Day 29

Day29 033

Day 30

Day29 018

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