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>> Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ok. I’m going to be totally and completely honest with you-I’m a big fat fraidy cat when it comes to shooting in full-manual mode on my camera. I did do really well when I bought my first SLR and skipped that evil little green ‘automatic’ square. I’ve never, I repeat never shot on Automatic with my camera. I’ve played around with Tv [shutter speed mode] a little bit when taking some action shots, but I usually stick with Av [aperature] mode because I am in love with the creamy Bokeh I get from this mode. However. The other day, I ventured outside with little man and took some photos. The lighting was really good and I was feeling brave, so I ventured into manual…and I am officially in love. Here are a few of the unedited shots I took in manual mode followed by the edits. I was really excited about how clear the color turned out and how little tweaking I had to do with the edits…   

Noah 048

Noah 048 copy

Noah 060












Noah 060 copy

Noah 051 Noah 051 copy

Like I said, I was so excited with how they turned out and I felt like I really had control over my shots. The lighting was great, I didn’t have to do a whole lot of adjusting with the images and it made the editing process much, much quicker. I think I may have just found my new favorite thing…photography wise that is. {By the way…the edits you see were done using the action Perfect Portrait from Coffee Shops free Actions for PSE and CS programs.}

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