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>> Friday, March 19, 2010


Today iheartfaces is forgoing their usual “Fix It Friday” post in exchange for Constructive Feedback Friday. Meaning that all of us amateur and beginner photographers have the chance to link up one of our edited photos and have someone tell us what’s good, hat’s bad and what could be better about our photo. I’m super excited because I haven’t really had the opportunity to have any of my photos critiqued and this is the perfect chance. So, without further ado, I think I will use this photo of Little Man that I took last week at the beach.


I took this photo using my 50 mm lens. I love the way that I was able to capture the sand leaving Little Man’s hand when he released it. But I’m not real crazy about the skin tone or the cropping. I feel like it could have been cropped a little bit better but I didn’t want to do away with too much of the background. I would love and appreciate ANY kind of criticism and feedback you would give me. Be it on the angle, composition, exposure….anything. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by! Here is the original photo as well, in case you are interested in the before:

Unedited 256

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