My first paying gig

>> Sunday, March 21, 2010

I booked my first wedding today.


I am unbelievably excited. Somewhat overwhelmed. And absolutely and totally humbled that I was asked to be the photographer. The fact that I have never photographed a wedding and they still have the confidence in my pictures is…indescribable. To say the least.


I wrote up a semi-formal wedding contract last night and spent about 2 hours going over shot ideas, deposits, payment plans and story telling with the Bride today. It was so much fun. That’s one of those things that reminds me more and more that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing. Exactly what God wants me to do. I’m being a full time wife and mother, and now I’m on the road to owning and running my own business.


It’s a bit much. It really is. But I love it. I’m excited and anxious for it. And I’m really loving every single minute of it. The business side of things fascinates me as much as the creative part. I guess because I’m an organizational freak and having everything precisely as it should be makes me all warm and fuzzy. I’m trying to learn as much as I can on my own, but I have full intentions of getting together with an accountant while I am home this summer to learn the ins and outs of tax law and whatnot.


I’ll be purchasing my brand new computer hopefully on April 15. I’ve decided upon and set my heart on the MacBook Pro…13 inch. I’ve had several people tell me to go with the 15, but as much as I’m going to be traveling this summer, I just can’t see passing up on the compact and light weight 13 inch. It’s still got everything I need and it’s a lot more versatile. 


I’m going to set up my actual photography website this summer, too. I was going to hire someone to do that, but after doing my research and discovering I can’t pass up the creativity and ease of doing it on my own. I’ve looked at a lot of sites that have been done through them and they really look great. I just hate the thought of having to pay someone all of that money and then deciding down the road a ways that I want something different. I can change things up whenever I feel like it with photobiz, so that just makes more sense to me.


Once I get my computer, new software and website up and running…it’s time to save and purchase the big boy. That’s right. The Canon 5D Mark ii. I am so excited and so ready to get my hands on this little beauty. I’m thinking I may rent one to try out this summer when I do my maternity shoot. That way I can play with it some before I fork over that kind of cash. I’ve seen the photos taken with it and I’m left breathless. They are fantastic.


Guess that is all for this evening. I’m getting ready to head to bed. Spending my day tomorrow running a few errands and studying at the Barnes & Noble. Got to take full advantage of the alone time I have during the day for the next two weeks. Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!

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