Orange you happy it’s Thursday?

>> Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holy cow is it Thursday already? And not only Thursday, but does my calendar really already say August 19?? Where on EARTH is this year going?! Not that I mind or anything…we’re getting closer and closer to a trip to California and a hubby’s graduation. So bring it on! Ahem. Anywho. It’s time for another round of before and after with Monica over at Pixel Perfect! I had to force myself to attempt creativity and go take some new photos yesterday. The heat is still suffocating so going out for photos is a little tough. Instead, I sought out inspiration indoors. And this is what I came up with:

Still 072

Over-exposed…not really usable. My white balance and shutter speed were all kinds of off in this picture. Luckily…I was able to salvage it.

oranges I liked the look of the light hitting the bowl of oranges from the I went with it. Added some texture [of course], adjusted the contrast, and ran my favorite Seventies action from The Pioneer Woman. I used Photoshop Elements 8 to edit this.

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