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>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I haven’t written much lately, so I thought I would use what little bit of spare time I’ve got on my hands right now to update everyone on what's been going on. The husband left on April 17 for California, I did a photo shoot that afternoon, and have since booked 4 or 5 sessions. I’m meeting with a client Thursday Evening to look over some ideas she has and discuss some shot locations. I have a possible shoot this weekend for a friend of ours who wants to have some photos made of her boys for a Father’s Day present. I’ve got a possible Maternity/Newborn package shoot in May/June and July that I’m really excited about. I have a definite Maternity Shoot in July and a Newborn shoot in August right before we move again. And I have two couples shoots and a sisters shoot in June [same family, same day.] Things are picking up, and I’m really grateful.


I’m hoping to launch my website and get my business cards ordered the first of the month. I’ve been playing around with some designs but haven’t settled on one particular one that I like yet. The husband is buying me a new computer, most likely for my birthday and some editing software. I think I’m going to purchase Lightroom first a) cause it’s a wee bit cheaper and b) because that’s what I’ve been using for the past several weeks and I absolutely l love it. I am going to splurge on Photoshop CS5 before the summer is over. Glad I hadn’t purchased CS4 yet since the one is being released in May. The working with the wedding photographer may have fallen through. I’m not entirely sure yet, but it’s possible. I’ve had so many inquiries about photo sessions, most of which are going to be on weekends, that I don’t know if I am going to be able to. Between my scheduled photoshoots, trips to California to visit the husband [our first one is most likely going to be in June], and then house hunting [which will start in either June or July-depending on when hubby’s orders get cut.] That really doesn’t leave me a lot of time for much else. And he doesn’t do a lot of shoots during the week.


Which if I worked with him during the week, I would have to have someone to keep little man. Not that it’s a big deal because my parents live a few minutes from where we are, but it would involve a lot of driving. I know that it would be a great benefit to work with him because his work is absolutely phenomenal. But I learn by doing which means that I’m going to improve the more that I shoot. And shooting still life objects will only improve my abilities so much. I know that down the road I want to get into photographing weddings. And when the time is right for that, the good Lord will present that opportunity to me. Right now, I’m happy shooting portraits.


On that note, here are a few shots that I’ve been meaning to post and haven’t yet. Some are from a shoot we did at the Covered Bridge before Hubby left. Some are from other random days since he’s been gone. Enjoy!

Bubbles 004-2

Bubbles 019



















Bubbles 012 Covered Bridge 151-3Covered Bridge 198-3 
















Covered Bridge 238-2 Covered Bridge 250

Covered Bridge 246


















Covered Bridge 297

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