Aperature Shots with the New Camera

>> Saturday, February 13, 2010

I purchased my beloved new camera yesterday. Didn't get a bad price for it either. We went to Best Buy initially, and naturally, they didn't have it in stock. Me, having done my research, new that aside from Best Buy, Sears actually had the best price for this camera. {It was even cheaper than Walmart!} We ended up paying $658.00 for the camera, 4 GB Memory Card, and tax. And of course, when I got home last night I started shooting. Took a few really crappy shots just to see how the picture quality was and make sure everything worked okay [which, I will not be showing you.] And then I got serious. I skipped using the 'Auto' mode completely and went straight to the 'Aperature' setting. Here are the best ones I took:

 I didn't edit any of these {other than just adding the watermark}, so these are all SOOC shots. I am amazed at the clarity and precision of my new camera. I have never taken pictures this clear before. Like I said before, I was playing around with the aperature...that's why these are all toy shots because there wasn't a lot to photograph at 8:30 last night when I got home. I tried to focus in on a few different things [the big red ball, the different letters]. Most of these were taken at f 4.0 or  f5.6. Would love feedback from you guys!  :)


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