Project 365 {Day 1}

>> Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ok…so I think I’m finally going to cave. I’ve been toying with the idea and mulling it over in my head..but this article this morning pushed me toward saying “yes.” A lot of people have taken on the 365 Day Photo Challenge. And so far, I’ve been hesitant to do the same. I’m good with projects, but a lot of times I get sidetracked and forget to do them. Like my “A-Z” challenge I started? I successfully made it to letter “E” before I stopped. But this project seems to be a wee bit different. The idea behind it is to really push yourself to shoot something creative, rather than to just snap a photo and be done.

I want to be BETTER than I am now.

I want my photos to stand out. I want them to improve with every single shot. And I want to look back next year and SEE the progress I have made in both my composition and my editing skills. So I’m going to agree to pledge myself over to the project. Maybe even make a coffee table book out of it when I successfully complete it. I would love some company in this journey. I know that 365 days is a loooong time. Especially from a photographic perspective. But I don’t intend to post a photo on this blog every day. You would tired of looking at just one picture, and I would get sick of posting them every day. So you can look for the posts on Sundays. Every Sunday I will link you guys up with my 7 favorite shots of the week.

Which means that NO I won’t be leaving you with a new picture today.  :) You’re just going to have to come back on Sunday to see for yourself what I come up with.

If you’re interested in joining in with us, head over to Madeline Bea. She’s looking for members and it’s always fun to have others around to encourage you.

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